FB SociCake Review.Mario Browns Facebook Marketing Suite Exposed.

FB SociCake Review.Mario Browns Facebook Marketing Suite Exposed.

A Thorough Exposition of Mario Brown’s Facebook Marketing Suite!

 FB SociCake – the all in one facebook marketing bundle that comes with a full pack  of 10 tools,that can help the  marketer to increase the engagement,traffic,generate leads and sales from facebook.


FB SociCake, is a “10 for the price of 1”  Facebook marketing software that is designed to create a flood of leads for your business . These 10 fully powered Facebook tools just make everything so much easier for the user and also for the customers. The  FB SociCake software is something that can be considered as one of the best facebook tools of the time.

The FB SociCake software bundle is designed by the famous creator Mario Brown, who is the very same person who created some of the very successful online products such as Online Marketing Mastery Live, FB MasterClass, Vidditive, Commission Revolution, Videlligence, visual eye … that’s just naming a few. The popularity and reliability of Mario Brown are well known in the internet world.  Just like Mario’s other products, FB SociCake bundle is another exceptionally amazing FB  tool that is priced for a just single tool while it combines 10 facebook solutions.

Compared to the kind of options and features this product gives you, I would say the product is underpriced,that is,more or less like a give away because this  alone can take care of all your Facebook traffic driving issues. The best part of this product is that not only does it drive traffic to your online business but it can equally help you with your offline business.  FB SociCake tool is an all-in-one Facebook marketing suite particularly meant for any one who is   serious about facebook marketing.

FB SociCake Features

  • Rich Post Editor

If you are confused about making the right posts on facebook, FB SociCake tool  would be your savior. This standout tool will ensure that you post  stands out on  facebook. The posting method has been briefly explained in the FB SociCake demo video, hence you can understand the kind of changes the tool makes to your posts to make it stand out.


FB Socicake By Mario Brown

As you can be clearly seen in the FB SociCake demo video the tool helps you add boldface, underline, italics strikeout etc to your post. Also, this tool ensures that more people notice your post and give you better engagement which can then be converted to leads and finally sales.

  • Facebook Post Manager

If you hate manually posting your facebook posts then FB SociCake social media marketing tool is for you. All you have to do is set and then forget the tool does the rest of the work.  Here you can create and schedule a variety of post. Some of the examples are, video posts, image posts, call to action posts, slideshows and so much more. But do you know the best part, this method can be done for as many Facebook pages or even multiple accounts at once.

  • Clickable Images Creator

Post an image on Facebook and also attach a  URL so that whenever a person  clicks on it,will be redirected to your targeted site. This feature is the coolest as the clickers are redirected into your sight. This feature can alone increase your site traffic not just a little but this can actually surprise you. As I already mentioned in this FB SociCake review, All you need is an appealing image and then people with automatically click on the rest would be taken care of by FB SociCake bundle.  Just like the above feature this too can be used on multiple pages and accounts.

  • Messenger Bot Builder

. If someone visits your facebook site, the site can be set to automatically respond to the visitor. This is cool because you don’t have to stay online all the time.but this tool will give an impression of someone who is constantly online.  This is one of the best ways to creates leads and cause more engagement in your profile. This FB SociCake feature just like the other feature can be used on multiple pages and accounts.

FB SociCake Messenger Bot


  • Messenger Broadcasting

This is one of the coolest tools you can have today as the messenger has an 80% open rate, therefore your notifications will surely be seen. Using this tool even a beginner can send bulk broadcast, content updates, and notifications to everyone on your contacts list or someone who has engaged with your page before.  Just like every other tool in FB SociCake software bundle, this too can be used to send unlimited broadcasts to unlimited subscribers. If you want your promotional tools to reach the right people, then this tool can be your best friend. My FB SociCake review will tell you more about this facebook marketing software further. Please continue reading.

  • Comment Auto Responder

You will never miss a visitor with the Comment Auto Responder tool.  This is one of the best tools to increase engagement as it responds to visitors comments with an automated message that you pre-set.  You can set FB SociCake Facebook marketing tool in such a way that it can respond to anyone who comments to you either privately or publicly. This is one of the best ways to let the visitor know that you are always there and available.These responses can further also be set based on the keywords and can set any number of responses as you desired.

  • SociCake Inviter

This feature is cool as well as smart. The FB SociCake Inviter will divert those who like your comment to your fan page. In most case the user has to request the visitor to like the fan page too, as it not always a user clicks and likes both, in such cased this feature can come off as very handy without flagging out you.can get your people to visit your page as well.

  • Facebook Ads and Content Designer

If you are someone who has zero design skills or even if you are a designing genius, the Content Designer And Facebook Ads is a must have tool for every facebook marketer.

FB Socicake Platform

According to FB SociCake user reviews, You can easily make Timeline Covers, Facebook posts, viral quotes Memes or anything you like. But the best part is that your posts will definitely standout.  The tool comes with about 1423 premium 7.5 million stock images and 450,000 viral quotes templates, a definite wide range for the user to choose from.

  • Optin Link

If you wish to capture the name and email address of those who click on then FB SociCake marketing tool is the perfect option for you. With this tool things are made so much easier, all you need to do is set up the link and post it along with your other posts. When a visitor clicks on the link the tools automatically requests a person name and email. If you are someone who wishes to make a huge list then this tool is a must-have for you.

  • FB Livecast Engine

This tool helps one to easily broadcast a prerecorded video live on Facebook hassle free. This tool will help the user do the same on multiple accounts with a single FB SociCake dashboard. all you need to do is do all the set up beforehand and then let the tool do the rest for you.

Already decided? Click here to get FB SociCake from their official website!

Pros and Cons of FB SociCake FB Marketing Software

So far everything I have seen and analyzed about the product for my FB SociCake Review, this product is one  I could confidently say has absolutely no cons. What happens usually with most of the online business products is that the source is unreliable and the reliability of the product is a complete risk of money. But with FB SociCake software, the product comes from the house of the famous Mario Brown who is an honorable and trustworthy as well as a well-established source. The past success of his products shows that this product too has no reason to be a scam. Also, the FB SociCake website’s demo video clearly shows the working of the tool also that the user can easily understand.

Something that really shocked me at first though is the pricing, with the kind of promises and features this product has, the pricing is very reasonable. getting this product is once in a lifetime chance to get your hands on a tool that actually does what it claims.


Conclusion – SociCake is 100% Recommended 

I recommend the FB SociCake Facebook marketing software bundle.  looking into the demo and the  10 very useful tools, I found it to be a too good to be true development. The tools as I said are carefully planned out to help the beginner as well as an experienced user equally. the price of FB SociCake software  is more or less at give away. sincerely its nothing compared to the capability of this software and what users can get from it. A single tool alone can cost about $97 and you get a whole FB SociCake package for just $27, that just crazy even for a limited offer introductory price. The product will be priced $27 for the initial 5 days, it’s likely that the price would go higher after the offer has ended.

I would recommend the users to go confidently for the FB SociCake its a completely worthy product.  The product can solidly help you increase your Facebook engagement, leads, and sales. Anybody who has been into facebook marketing knows the hardships and the headache it takes to set up things, this tool is really a savior when it comes to facebook marketing.


Even if you think that FB SociCake is not for you, the 30-day money back guarantee will ensure that you don’t regret your purchase(it’s very unlikely that you will regret through).


Best Regards!

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