How to Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing


This is the easiest way to make money online.from a technical standpoint,  you don’t have to do anything like product creation and all the rigors that comes with it but just post an affiliate link that points to the product owners sales page on your websites,blogs,social medias or on other forms of adverts.  you get paid every time someone purchases from your link(affiliate link).

For example, if I run a car blog and I sign up for an affiliate program with a car parts shop, I can link the different car parts that I like on my blog. when people click on the link and purchase from the car parts shop I get a referral. referral commission depends on the affiliate program.

However, making money with affiliate marketing is a lot harder than people present it.

You might think that all you need to do is just put a link on your site and then watch the money flow in but that isn’t the case.

You have to do a lot of upfront work to convince your audience that they need the particular product you are promoting.If you can’t do that,just forget about affiliate marketing because your links will just sit there unclicked. that means no commission for you.

to be successful in affiliate marketing,first and foremost,

provide value
provide value

You Need to Provide Value.

When doing any type of affiliate marketing, you need to provide value to your audience.

Simply having a ton of affiliate links to different products around your site isn’t going to help with anything. However, if you attach those links to something that provides value then you are looking pretty good to go.

Let’s look at an example.

The host-gator Affiliate Greg Narayan.
If you explore his sites,social media and other online presence, you will see  that there are places where he just has a link to host-gator with a recommendation to use that service to host your WordPress site but that’s not where the money comes from,the money doesn’t just come by merely pasting affiliate links.

he makes helpful videos tutorial on You-tube and google on  how to host WordPress websites,how to go to your cpannel,how to rank your website,how to make an eCommerce store  eg  for example. People searching for similar contents watch these videos, get values and excited, and then decide to go to host-gator by clicking through his affiliate link.

this is how the money comes.Greg Narayan didn’t just say “go to host-gator and use them” because that wouldn’t work. Instead, he provides some values to his audience and this value pays off over time.

He also has hostgator links sprinkled throughout his site in places that has value.

As Greg continues to post about blogging he becomes more and more an authority figure on the subject. When people visit his site they see he knows a thing or two about blogging so when he recommends host-gator they think it is the right choice.

secondly,you need to

Build an Audience.

you need to build a group of audience for yourself in your niche category via constant blog posts,email news latters and follow up series.

Constantly having your audience engaged with valuable contents that educates or brings solution gains you trust and makes your site visitors want to visit you over and over again as the need arises.

take for example,you searched the internet on how to make money on line and you came across a blog with a tittle,12 ways to make money will  you fill if you get good value and  keep receiving more values over time  on how to make money online on 12 series as stated on the post’s tittle for 12 days.
wiln’t you be cool with that?.

if the writer embeds some links to a tutorial that even helps you more,wiln’t you click through the link over time?.you will.

this is because the writer has gained your audience through the helpful series.
building an audience is the most important way to generate income through affiliate marketing.

the whole idea revolves around building an audience for your products by giving values.

How can you do that in a way that will encourage people to click your affiliate links and buy the products? Well, let’s take a look.

Get a Website/Blog

sincerely,any serious minded person looking for a way to make income through affiliate marketing needs to get a website/blog.i recommend a niche website/blog because its more specific and focused.

the blog or website is where one provides useful contents to attract readers and then embed an affiliate link relating to the article in the post. imaging getting up to a 100,000 visitors to you blog post in a month.

That is a grate exposure for your affiliate offer/link and hence a grate opportunity to make some money or even more money because a hand full of this visitors might be in need of what you are promoting and after reading your valuable content,might be prompted to click through your affiliate link to make a purchase.

Get an Autoresponder

you need an auto responder to collect contact info of your website/blog visitors like email,name etc and  to send out valuable email news letters and in series.

at first instance,most website visitors don’t buy products through affiliate need to collect their emails etc to reach them again with with valuable information to establish a relationship and gain trust over time.

Do Product Reviews 

When you go shopping on Amazon do you read the reviews before you buy a product? Of course you do, you’d be crazy not to! We all love reviews because they help us justify a purchase.

Reviews are a great way to get people to click on your affiliate links. You are providing them with awesome value by informing them whether or not it is worth buying a product.

The best example of this is

Whenever I am looking to buy a new piece of technology I head to Wire cutter first to see what they recommend. Notice they don’t write a million reviews for every product category they cover. They just let you know what they believe to be the best product in each category.

They have become an authority site on product reviews and if they say a product is the best in its category then I am going to buy it.

In 2015 the site generated over $150 million in e-commerce revenue. This doesn’t mean they made $150 million, but if they are hitting the lower tier of Amazon associates then they are making at least $9,000,000 a year.

That’s not too shabby.And all they do is write the most comprehensive product reviews found on the web.

see my review page here here 

Get Social Medias Account

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram–they’re all free platforms.businesses can use to directly engage with their networks and engagement on social medias it will become one of your  most important tool in affiliate marketing.

Use Paid or Solo Ads.

paid advertising is the surest and fastest way to sale products online.but advert is becoming too expensive.if you are a starter on a low budget,i would advice you take out time to learn how to get free traffic online.this will pay off when you have acquired the skill.


affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online but its not a get rich quick scheme.

i have  seen a lot of folks making six figures income yearly,monthly,weekly even daily through this means.

all you need to do is to  take your time and learn the necessary skills involved,set up and you are good to  go.

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